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Swarthmore College Baseball Camp Review

My second time attending a camp at Swarthmore College, although this time it was on their actual field which was something I really wanted to see.  

I think that regardless of Division, this is one of the nicest fields out there.  The left-center gap is very memorable and the area up there looks like it would be a lot of fun to watch games during school.  It is still a grass and dirt field, which is becoming more and more rare nowadays.  

The camp had all of the basic stuff: 60, EVs, offensive and defensive evals.  There was an emphasis on gameplay and that’s always my favorite part.  As someone who isn’t neither very tall is very big, I have to shine on the field.  One of the aspects I enjoyed most about the camp is that it is run by the head coach and the staff and they are very attentive to what the players are doing both on and off the field.  At the first camp, Coach Ellis gave me props for always hustling and doing the little things, like getting foul balls before someone has to asked players to do so.

I came in as a Pitcher, Outfield and possible 2nd baseman –  as you can see in these highlights:

A camp tour was part of the camp as well, although I had previously come to visit the school with my family prior to camp.  The other players that attended the camp were of a very good level of baseball.  This is really important because when we showcase in front of the coaches, we want the game to move quickly and that there is a lot of action so we can have opportunities to show them what we can do.  In this showcase, there was a lot of action on the field.  

Outside the campus, it is a very nice neighborhood with a lot of access to food, shopping and the like.  Best of all, the train literally stops on campus and you can take it right to the city of Philadelphia.  Swarthmore’s campus is just outside the city but close enough where you can get there in minutes.  

All in all, the camp was excellent and the coaches were very hands on and always attentive to what we were doing on the field.  I came in with the intention to show progress from last year and I believe I was able to show that.  Would highly recommend attending this camp to any player that is considering a high academic school (very high!).  

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