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USA National Team Player

To be the exception, break the rules!

Power of Sport Award Recipient 2023

I’m a Warstic Athlete

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Prospect League Baseball

Summer League 2024 Walk-off Homerun! Playing for Dubois County Bombers!

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Summer 2024Dubois County Bombers

Brown 2024/25

Brown University Class of 2026

Brown 2026 Certificates and Awards

About Me

Olivia Pichardo in Little League

My Background

I would have started playing baseball at five but my parents said that year the league didn’t have any more spots available. So I started with lob ball instead of T-ball. The following year we started pitching ourselves. I remember volunteering to pitch when all of our pitchers were too tired to throw. I had absolutely no control. Hitting batters, throwing it above their heads, at their ankles, behind their backs – but I fell in love with the position. Over the summer my Dad and I worked on it and the next year (8yrs), I started my first game on the mound!

The boys were giddy with excitement knowing they were facing a girl. I struck out the side on the first inning. Each year, I would be told that the game I love would leave me behind. I just kept playing and working harder. I’m in the process now of selecting a college and training to be ready to be on the team on day one! I have received numerous offers to play college baseball and I am weighing in several of them. [UPDATE!] I am happy to say that I will be attending school at Brown University this upcoming fall of ’22. My baseball journey will continue there as I give it my all to make the team!

Stats and Achievements

The Providence Journal did a piece on me making the team at Brown.

After the announcement that I made the roster at a D1 school, I’ve done several interviews. Being interviewed by MLB Network will always be a highlight!

I never thought I would be one of those people you see going viral on social media :).

I enjoyed the interview with People Magazine.

I participated in one of the best Combines out there with New Balance Future Series. They did a write up which they were kind enough to include me among the many great players that were there.

I had the distinct honor to participate in this year’s MLB Dream Series! It was a really cool learning experience in what it’s like for players of color, like myself, that are involved in this game.


I am a Baseball Player. I have chosen to take the road less traveled. Where it leads it is unknown – but the most rewarding journey is the most challenging one.

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I am proud to announce that I am a member of Team USA! I will keep working extremely hard to make our team the best in the world!!!

I became the first woman to play D-1 Baseball when I made the team at Brown as a walk-on!

I am participating in the Development Program for our National Women’s Baseball Team. Summer 2021 Stats: IP: 22, H:24, R:10, K:24, BB:17, Batters faced: 76

2nd round participant

I attended an Independent School and I played baseball for them in the ISAL. I joined my school’s Varsity Baseball Team in 7th Grade.

My Trip to Senegal

We had the honor to meet his Excellency, Tulinabo Mushingi, the US ambassador at the cultural section inside the biggest embassy in West- Africa. We discussed the role of an embassy from economic exchange, terrorism, security to the role of USAID, Peace Corps, and Foreign service officers around the world.

We had a fulfilling morning in the village of Yayem. Micro- credit loans were issued to women to help them start small businesses during a ceremony that took place in a private catholic school. The catholic school is specialized with kids with learning and / or physical disabilities.

We volunteered at an orphanage where we helped the Senegalese women sweep the floors and feed the babies.

We took a 30 minute boat-ride to the island of Gorée where each piece of stone is a sad reminder of the Atlantic Slave trade. On the outside, this building seems like a beautiful place. However, when you walk inside you can see the capacity that human beings have for both good and evil.

All the students were eager to answer the questions asked by their teacher. Together we did the lessons and conversed with one another to help them practice their English.